CSSD and the R-APPIT!

Instruments necessary for a surgical procedure are often placed in an instrumenttray. From small basic trays to large Da Vinci instrument sets. Every surgical procedure requires different instruments and therefore they have there own type of instrumenttray. The CSSD / SPD (Central Sterile Services Department / Sterile Processing Department) ensures that the instruments are cleaned, disinfected, checked, assembled, wrapped and sterilized after each procedure. The instruments are then ready for the next patient.


Mariska van der Vliet and Niels Welling from R-SOLUTION Medical were looking for a new way to improve patient care by designing an innovative packaging robot. They thought it was time to bring the CSSD / SPD to a higher level. By guaranteeing the quality and reproducibility of packaging and also making logistics more lean.


R-SOLUTION Medical came up with "the R-appIT", a fully automated packaging robot. The R-appIT packaging robot is not only wrapping the instrumenttray according to the correct packing method, the R-appIT also provides a piece of logistics, tapes the wrapped instrumenttrays and provides them with the correct label.

In 2021

A new era is coming, an era where the importance of the CSSD / SPD and there extremely critical procedures will be placed in the spotlight. Where wrapping until now is human work, after 2021 the wrapping of instrumenttrays can be fully automated.